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This world is full of people,
From pole to pole I've been,
But the kindest hearts I've found upon
An English bowling green.
"The Bowler's Song"

The Forth Philosophy

Put very simply, the Forth philosophy is:

"Playing bowls should be fun:
It's not the winning that matters: it's the taking part!"

For this reason the Selection Committee will do their level best to make sure that every member who has signed the "availability" list is picked for a team. They will not select the "strongest" bowlers and leave the rest without a game.

Of course, this will not win us any championships, but, is winning really so important? Yes, the Forth is about playing bowls, and we do take our bowls seriously, but the Forth is also about Fun and Friendship.

Thank you for visiting our website.

If you have enjoyed your time with us, why not come and meet us in person? Go on- give us a chance to break-out (Whoops: do I mean that?) the best china.

If you can't visit us, then why not visit our website again and keep in touch with the "goings-on" at the Forth?

Our email address is: Don't be a stranger!

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