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Here's to all the people,
Who work behind the scene,
To keep our Club abowling- on
An English bowling green.
"The Bowler's Song"

Club Officers (email officers:

President: Arthur Woodward

Aurthur Woodward image

Arthur was a long-standing member of the Forth who found himself forced to resign because of business commitments. We were very pleased to welcome him and his wealth of experience and vitality, back to the Club. He served as Club Chairman for the 2006 and 2007 seasons with great distinction and we are delighted that he has been persuaded to accept the Presidency for the years 2008 and 2009.

He is the "domino card king"! He broke the record for the largest amount of money raised for Club funds in a single season from the sale of domino cards.

Arthur has not been very well in recent months, but we are delighted to hear that he is on the mend. We wish him well for the 2009 season.

His vision for the Club is to enhance its reputation and to improve the results on the green.

Chairman: Les Betham

Les Betham image

Les established his bowling credentials by becoming the 2007 Club Champion.

He has served faithfully on the Selection Committee for a number of years and can be guaranteed to arrive exactly 30 seconds before a meeting is due to start.

There is never a quiet moment with Les: we think he majored in Talking! Getting a word in edgeways is like competing with an iPod without an off-setting.

Les prides himself on being a "new man": ever helpful about the house, he has even been known to carry the lawnmower out of the shed so that his wife, Linda can mow the lawn!

At the current time he is engaged in exciting plans for a new brick-built clubhouse to replace the current Forth hut. Click for detailed plan

The Secretarial Team: Doris and Martin Bass

Doris Bass image Martin Bass image

Martin is the secretary and Doris, the assistant secretary and webmaster.

Martin is the one who does the organising and paperwork and Doris, who is a bit of a computer whiz, provides the necessary back-up and maintains the Forth BC website.

They are also responsible for producing the "Forth Dairy of Events" in the spring and the famous "Forth Calendar" just before Christmas each year.

George Roberts image

Treasurer: George ("Mr Fixit") Roberts

George, who commutes between his houses in Spain, Malta and Whitley Bay, has promised to return to the North-East whenever money has to be collected or cheques need signing.

Vice-Chairman: Dave Taws

Dave Taws

Dave is a quiet, hard-working man who has never been known to say a harsh word about anyone.

He is one of the "backbones" of the club: always giving generously of his time. A good and willing bowler, Dave is ever ready to fill-in if there is a gap in the team.

We are really looking forward to working with you, Dave. Welcome to the management team!


Not yet elected.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the running of the Club, taking decisions on behalf of the members between general meetings.

The members of the committee are:

  • Michael Bass,
  • Ken Clark,
  • Dave Hockey,
  • Tommy McMullen and
  • Evelyn Roberts.

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee meets once a week to pick teams for all the league fixtures and competitions in which the Club is involved. See Epilogue page

The committee consists of:

  • Les Betham (Chairman),
  • Martin Bass,,
  • Ken Clark,
  • George MacFarlane,
  • Tommy McMullen and
  • Arthur Woodward.