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Forget the other pages: these are the really important people at the Forth!

Let's hear it for the ladies,
The mistresses of cuisine,
Who feed us square, then beat us fair- on
An English bowling green.
"The Bowler's Song"

The Unofficial "Catering Committee".

The Ladies Who Cater: Evelyn, Gail and Marie.

Evelyn Roberts image

Evelyn Roberts

Gail Baxter image

Gail Baxter

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Marie Langdown

A Forth buffet image

A Forth buffet

Wooler Friendly cake image

Gail's cake incorporating the Forth ship and the bridge from the Wooler BC crest

These talented ladies are well known for their legendary baking skills.

Not only do they keep the Forth well fed on festive occasions (the buffet picture on the left shows only half the table, by the way!), but also provide a plentiful supply of tea and biscuits at a knock-down price of 20p a time (proceeds to Club funds) on match days.

Gail and Evelyn are not above waltzing round with the vacuum cleaner either, when they have a spare moment.

Gail is famous for her cake-icing skills: the picture on the left is of a cake she iced to be raffled at a friendly game with Wooler Bowling Club. She is a real artist with the icing sugar; it's a shame that all her creations end up being eaten! Very nice they are too!

Marie is also a superb cake-decorator. Her iced cakes are absolutely beautiful and Forthers are still talking, with awe, about the cakes she contributed to the Forth Spring Fair in 2006. Marie has been known to offer one of her home-baked pies, saying diffidently: "I don't know whether you want this?" Ten minutes later the plate is empty and people are coming back and wistfully asking: "any more?"

Both Evelyn and Marie are bowlers of some repute. Marie was the first ever Forth Ladies Champion in 2006.

Gail is not a bowler and has never actually been a Forth member. In spite of this, she has turned up, day after day, year after year, to make the afternoon tea and wash-up afterwards and has always been there to help out on special occasions. It was felt that her contribution to the Forth should be marked in some way. At the 2008 AGM, the members unanimously agreed to show their appreciation by making Gail an honorary life member.

(Evelyn is married to George (our "Mr Fixit") and Gail to Trevor (our resident bowling-rules expert).