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More of the important people at Forth B.C.

Three cheers for the rules of bowls,
That keep our games serene?
And the expert who enforces them- on
An English bowling green.
Thanks to the unsung handyman,
With hammer and saw supreme,
Who stops our world collapsing- on
An English bowling green.
"The Bowler's Song"

Rules-Expert: Trevor ("the Hat") Baxter.

Trevor Bzxter
Trevor dodging bowls

Trevor's decisions are not always popular!

A former Club Chairman and President, Trevor is a qualified national bowling umpire and our current leading expert on the rules of the game.

He is:

  1. an irrepressible Irishman;
  2. a good bowler (ten-pin?);
  3. a gifted photographer and artist;
  4. a raconteur par excellence; and altogether
  5. a mainstay of the Club.

By the way, the hat is made from beaver-skin and comes from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Trevor is married to Gail, one of our "ladies who cater".

Trevor, who was feeling under the weather last season, has recently had an operation which we sincerely hope will make him feel better. It will be good to see the old spark back.

(P.S. Trevor is posing beside the "bowls in the wall" at Seahouses BC.
Although sometimes sorely tempted, we don't really throw bowls at him!)

Our Handyman: George ("Mr Fixit") Roberts

George Roberts
George raising the flag

George raises the Forth flag.

George is one of our five ex-sea-going engineers. He somehow manages to deal with the club's maintenance problems before they actually happen!

It was George who installed our first watering system and it was he who was responsible for erecting our flagpole. He is a one-man dynamo: forever painting, sawing and hammering. In short: if it's broken, he'll mend it; if it's not broken, he'll improve it!

And now, in addition to fixing and maintaining everything in sight, George has taken on the job of Club Treasurer!

He is married to Evelyn, one of our "ladies who cater".