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Here's success to our Club Champion,
The pick of this year's team,
As he defends his title - on
An English bowling green.
"The Bowler's Song"

2009 Club Champion: Tommy Clay.

Tommy Clay
Arthur Woodward presents the trophy to Tommy McMullen

Tommy receives his trophy from Arthur Woodward.

Tommy rejoined the Forth at the beginning of the 2008 season after an absence of a number of years. At first everyone was pleased to welcome him back, but by the time Tommy had managed to win just about every singles’ trophy in sight, some club members were beginning to think that his reappearance was not such a good idea!

To be precise Tommy was the winner of:
  1. the 2 Wood Championship,
  2. the 3 Wood Championship and
  3. the 4 Wood Handicap as well as
  4. the 4 Wood Championship which made him Club Champion.

As Club Champion, he will compete in the National, the Northumberland County Bowling Association and the Tynemouth and District Champion of Champions' Competitions.

Not only is Tommy a good bowler, he is also a willing worker: every ready to roll-up his sleeves to tackle any job that needs doing. .

Congratulations and Good Luck Tommy!