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  • 17 June 2009 Open Bowling Competitions in Northumberland
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Northumberland County Bowling Association Crest

17 June 2009: Open Bowling Competitions in Northumberland

I have been asked to provide a page of open bowling competitions in Northumberland for 2009 with organiser contact details. I am happy to oblige, however, displaying contact details is a problem. I cannot show personal information on the web without the express permission of the person concerned. I have compromised by linking each competition to the relevant club's entry in the Affiliated Club section of the Bowls Northumberland website. The open competition page is located under the "Fixtures & Results" heading of the main page menu. I do hope that this page will prove to be useful.


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  • By request:  22 July 2006 Rescuing a Flagpole in Distress!
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The galvanised cradle.

22 July 2006: The Forth Flag Flies Again
Or how "Mr Fixit" rescued a flagpole in distress!

High days and holidays were just not the same at the Forth in the 2006 season. There was something missing: the Forth flag, or to be more precise, the Forth flagpole!

Sadly, the flagpole-cradle was vandalised during the 2005/2006 off-season. While the fibreglass flagpole is fairly robust, its wooden cradle was simply not strong enough to withstand the onslaught of vandals.

George Roberts and Pearson Varty put their heads together. The outcome was a galvanised iron cradle with a lockable bolt, designed by George and fabricated by Pearson at his factory.

Thanks to our own "Mr Fixit", the Forth flag is flying high once more!

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  • By popular demand:  26 May - 20 August 2008 The Installation of the New Watering System.
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A water spray on Souter green

A "blast from the past" -

26 May - 20 August 2008: The Installation of the New Watering System.

On summer eves we'd sip our wine,
And watch the rainbow-sheen
As water from the hoses gushed, on -
Our English bowling green.
But now it's automated;
And while we sleep, it seems,
Water splashes on quadrants four of -
Our English bowling greens.
With apologies to "The Bowler's Song".

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  • 24 May 2009 A lovely afternoon at the Parks
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The Parks Leisure Centre

24 May 2009: A lovely afternoon at the Parks.

Tynemouth and District Bowling Association played a friendly match against a Warkwickshire Touring Team at the Parks Leisure Center, North Shields. Six TDBA clubs each provided one rink of 4 players. Forth was represented by: Marie Langdown, Ian Kidd, Les Betham and Tommy Clay. Tynemouth were the winners, but nobody really cared: it was such a lovely afternoon!

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